Walk more
to live better!

Walking is the best way
to cover small distances,
from 1 to 2 km.

The benefits of walking

The World Health Organization recommends walking for half an hour a day.

Physical health

Walking develops muscle tone and improves heart health.
When practised regularly → loss or maintenance of weight: +/- 67 calories per kilometre walked.

Concentration and inspiration

Walking allows you to observe and think about other things. Walking for 30 minutes a day
= fresh air and time for reflection.
= more creativity.
= more inspiration.

Mental health

More oxygen flow to the brain = improved brain activity and reactivity.
= production of endorphins, wellbeing hormones.
= less depression and anxiety.
= more self-confidence.
= healthy fatigue and peaceful sleep.

Our environment

Replace the car by walking for short trips.
Combine public transport and walking.
= immediate reduction of noise and pollution in the city.
= improvement of air quality.

Living together

When out walking, we meet people, smile and chat.
= more social interaction in public spaces.
= more sense of belonging to your local area, municipality, city.

Winning combinations

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