Your all-in-one app for travel in Brussels

Access to all modes of transport

No more switching from one app to another. You can make the most of all the mobility solutions in Brussels, in order to travel where, when and the way you want.

Integrated payment

Pay for every journey in a single app. Plan, book and pay easily: your travel is simpler than ever.

A genuine pleasure

Each journey takes into account your preferences and information in real time, so that you can fully benefit from the Brussels experience.

How does it work?


Plan your journey and find the price for each option.
The journey planner includes public, private and shared transport, as well as combined journeys!


Check the availability of all your modes of transport such as shared cars, bikes or scooters and unlock them directly in the app.


Purchase your transport tickets directly in the app
Floya is your all-in-one app for travel in Brussels
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