Ouverture de la saison du Bronks Theater

Ouverture -gratuite- de la nouvelle saison du théâtre Bronks, le théâtre pour la jeunesse néerlandophone.

Come on car-free Sunday to Varkensmarkt 15 in Brussels for the start of the new BRONKS theatre season.  
A theatre season filled with and full of real emotions. Real emotions of real people. Authentic and true. Honest and sincere. With real actors, in real costumes, and in a genuine decor. They perform for a real audience consisting of people who are themselves (nothing more, nothing less).  Matrimonial and illegitimate. Absolutely true. 

Dive into our Tunnel Of Real Emotions and discover your True Self. Even if you’ve had enough of your True Self and have got lost between others. Then you are finally ready for season 2023-24. Ready for only real emotions. On and off the stage.