There are plenty of good reasons to want City 30!

City 30 is pretty simple.
On 1 January 2021, driving at 30 km/h maximum on the capital city’s streets will be the rule, with a few exceptions:
major roads (50 km/h) and
meeting zones (20 km/h).

A quality space for the public, safer and less stressful
Less noise pollution
Fewer accidents
Fewer seriously wounded people or deaths on the roads
A public space that is better shared between pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers
More space for soft mobility and multi-modal transport
Improved fluidity for all users
A positive impact on health
A friendlier city

City 30 =
more road safety

30 km/h also means greater safety for car-drivers:

in the event of a collision, the safety belt will protect the driver perfectly, without any collateral damage. 

City 30

Slower traffic + better sharing of urban space
+ space for active mobility / multi-modal transport
- less noise
- less accidents
- less stress

+ quality of life
+ friendly space
+ safety
+ health